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Spectrum Communications has been providing a wide variety of specialized communication systems, solutions and exceptional service to area clients for 37 years. We are proud to be a member of our business communities, serving customers from Tobermory to the Lake Erie shore, from Lake Huron to Collingwood, and worldwide. We realize that communication is the key to company productivity and profit no matter whether it is a one man operation, small courier company, or a large university campus.

Our team is comprised of a group of high-intensity people obsessed with advancing technologies and dedicated to providing the best in customer service. A proud award winner from multiple manufacturers, we ensure each customer receives personalized service with a solution built specifically for their business needs. We are honored to be the leading total solution provider for some of the world’s top organizations.

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We’re confident that our dedicated and experienced staff will be able to help you choose the communications system and services that are right for you.